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Hammad – TopVisibles nya praktikant

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Hammad Kabir är TopVisibles nya praktikant. Han har en bakgrund inom teknik och har en masterexamen i elektronik, men har nu valt att inrikta sig mer på området digital marknadsföring. Mycket på grund av hans stora intresse och passion för detta område. Här kan ni läsa mer om Hammad och hans förväntningar på den kommande praktiken.

Tell us a bit about your background!

My name is Hammad and I am 31 years old. I am from Pakistan and came to Sweden to undertake my master degree in electronics. I choose to study this program since I previously hold the bachelor degree in electronics from my home country and worked as a research engineer for 1 year before moving to Sweden for my master degree.

I studied in Northern Sweden in Sundsvall where I fell in love with the snow which I had not seen before in my homeland. But honestly the snow in Sundsvall was just a bit too much to handle for someone like me so I am happy to move to Skåne which is much warmer with less snow.

What made you switch focus to digital marketing?

I was introduced to the world of digital marketing by a friend who successfully runs his own company and offer services in digital marketing back in my home country. After exploring this field I developed a great interest and passion for digital marketing and particularly SEO/SEM. I never looked back to my engineering career.  I always was an active blogger and likes to write about different types of topics from the world of technology, sports, and entertainment and about my life and experiences in Sweden.

Why TopVisible?

I am very happy with my choice of selecting TopVisible for my internship since soon after I made a contact with TopVisible for the internship I was handled the best professional way possible. On finding facts about the company I came to know that their reputation is really good in the region and among their customers. I found out that they offer some very professional courses in different areas of digital marketing. I have not found such courses elsewhere and I highly recommend these courses at TopVisible to everyone who wants to develop within the area of digital marketing.

At TopVisible I am aiming to develop myself as a complete package within digital marketing such as SEO, SEM, Google AdWords and so on. I am looking forward to learning the SEO process in depth from producing the raw traffic to a particular website to sales funnel development and so on. The best thing is that at the same time I can have fun at TopVisible by working with the wonderful staff.

Since I have a background in engineering and programming so after learning enough about SEO/SEM and other areas of digital marketing  I plan to combine my technical skills with digital marketing to offer a unique set of skills to the end customers.

What do you do in your away-time-from-work?

I am a sports freak and in my free time, I play various types of sports such as tennis, football, table tennis. I came from a country where cricket is the biggest and favorite sport among people. During my stay in Sweden, I have succeeded in numerous occasions when I made some Swedes to watch cricket with me and managed to make them understand about its rules. It was necessary because cricket and basketball are entirely different sports but most of the Swedes think that they are very similar. So dear Swedes. No cricket, and basketball are not similar at all.

I love to travel around and had explored Sweden from Kiruna way up in North to Ystad way down in South. Sweden is an amazing country I love it here and always got along here extremely well no matter I had once faced a -36 degrees Celsius day during my stay in Sundsvall.

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